— Giuseppe Ungaretti

m’illumino / d’immenso

is a seven-syllable poem by Giuseppe Ungaretti from the first world war.

Illuminarsi is verb which means to light oneself up, to turn on, to illuminate oneself, to grow lighter. It is reflexive, a category of verbs which we are largely lacking in English. These verbi riflessivi come with the superpower of doing things to oneself, for oneself. For instance, one doesn't become lit up, enlightened, illuminated without engaging in the activity of doing it. D'immenso is literally "of the immense," or "from the immense." We arrive at something like "I illuminate myself with the immense." In any case of translation and also poetry, we are asked to reorganize ourselves in such a way so that this makes sense. 

The path of healing and health is about liberating ourselves into the bright expanse that we already are. M'illumino Natural Medicine, "I-illuminate-myself" Natural Medicine, offers a variety of services geared toward helping people to discover and experience this innate state. This journey involves a gentle dance of taking ourselves there and surrendering to the vastness of life's offerings. It is my life's work to walk with you here.