About Sara

Hi. I'm Sara Bowes. I stumbled into Chinese medicine by pursuing a burning question of mine about the correct way to feed our bodies. Over a decade ago, I enrolled in a small school in the mountains of Northern California for a summer intensive course on whole foods nutrition.  It was here that I was introduced to the holistic way of thinking about the world and the body that defines Chinese medicine. I was struck with wonder and aliveness in myself as I began to explore this new paradigm that would begin to define my life's work. 

I pursued a masters education through the school of Classical Chinese Medicine at the National College of Natural Medicine in Portland, OR, where a commitment to upholding the integrity of the classical roots of Chinese medicine pervades. Here, I set foot onto my own healing journey, connected with a handful of mentors who marked me with inspiration, and began to hone in on what I believe to constitute health. 

When I am not seeing patients and maintaining my practice, I am likely attempting to satisfying a never-ending curiosity about the way the body and the mind really work. In addition to ongoing study of Chinese and holistic medicine, I am currently pursuing professional development through Mindful Experiential Therapy Approaches (M.E.T.A.) in Portland in somatic and experiential therapy, applied mindfulness, and interpersonal neurobiology. 

I thrive in vast open landscapes, rich human relationships, and opportunities to utilize my human body, preferably to music.