M'illumino Natural Medicine | Sara Bowes LAc

Treat the root.

Symptoms are an expression of underlying imbalance. Treating the root cause will resolve symptoms rather than merely suppressing them.


Many of us have a sense that we could feel better in our bodies. 

I understand what it's like to feel stuck about your health. Sometimes we find ourselves feeling just a little or perhaps a lot less than vital than we know we should or could. Chronic pain, recurrent nagging infection, unexplainable fatigue, digestive discomfort, and low-grade anxiety and depression are discouraging enough. To make matters worse, many of us seek help only to encounter unsatisfying answers to the question of why we feel the way we do, or solutions that merely suppress symptoms, seem invasive, or come with side effects that may not feel worth it. 

I find that much of the suffering we endure in our modern day is unnecessary and often avoidable. Classical medicine and a holistic view of the body offers a sophisticated means of making sense of every part, every little symptom, in the context of a dynamic whole. This makes for satisfying answers to the question of why you feel the way you do, and simple, safe, highly effective treatment that is lasting because it is addressing the root issue.